After Years Of Unemployment Nigerian Graduate Turns To Frying Of Akara To Make Ends Meet

Justice Emmanuel Onehi, popular known as Minister for laughter has taken to akara business as a way to survive after he could not secure a job.

Justice in an interview with BBC News Pidgin said all he needs to scale up his business is more funds as it would enable him take it to the next level.

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He also disclosed that being the first of seven children he has to make ends meet in the best way he can and that frying akara is a path he chose and he’s comfortable with the decision as long as his family doesn’t have a problem with it.

When asked where he learnt how to make akara, he revealed that he learnt how to make it at home since his parents had no girls.

He said he one day hopes to stop using firewood and switch to using gas and have big people patronise him.

For Mr. Justice Emmanuel Onehi, there’s no slowing down and this can be seen in how determined he is to succeed.

We all wish him well.

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