Realtor Janeen Gifts Her Husband, Trederick A Yacht At Their Wedding in Miami | Video

A video recorded while the pair stood at the altar during the outdoor ceremony has gone viral because of realtor and auto dealership owner Janeen’s lavish gift.

Janeen tells Trederick she ‘didn’t know what to get’ him that he didn’t already have, and he gave her her ‘dream wedding’

‘I figured it’s only fit for me to buy you a yacht,’ she told him, steering him to look at the water where the boat was waiting

The couple’s guests went wild, recording the moment on their phones, while social media users have also expressed awe and envy.

The video shared by a wedding videographer, Morgan Scott Films has since gone viral and garnering views and likes on instagram.

She said ‘I didn’t know what to get you,’ You gave me my dream wedding, and it’s hard to get you something that you already don’t have’.

But, she adds, ‘Since we’re in Miami, I figured it’s only fit for me to buy you a yacht.’

This incredible act has got so many people talking on social media with most people praising the bride.

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